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Brand building and digital exploration through outlandish creativity

A Jabberwocky’s world is no different from yours. It has the same roads, cycles, billboards, fish, walkways, food, airplanes, bathrooms, mountains, bullocks, cheese. Why then, is it called the Jabberwockies’ world?


Where you see a key hole, we see a peep hole.

Where you see a camera, we see a snapshot of a moment you never want to lose.

We put the genius in the gibberish. That’s our motto, our principle, and our way of life.

Welcome to The Jabberwockies, one of the top advertising agencies based in Pune. We creatively aid and strategically develop brands from the ground up. We do digital marketing, creative branding, brand launches, communication strategy, you name it. And what’s more, we love what we do.

To consult a Jabberwocky, is to open yourself up to a world of possibilities…possibilities that are already in front of you, we simply help you to view them from new angles.

About Us

Gaze at the gibberish
our way

An advertising agency, operating at full throttle, we are a bunch of wild enthusiasts, bursting at the seams with ideas and creative musings. Outfitting to local, national and overseas clients, we implement strategies derived from vast database of advertising techniques that we have revamped and electrified.

We believe the key ingredient is 'understanding'. Understanding brands, and their people, and establishing a stubborn yet magical connection between the two. Our global reach entails an assurance that communication hurdles are non-existent when it comes to our clients, owed to the convenience of using technology to our advantage.

In the end, gibberish is never enjoyed when you look at it straight up. Look at it straight down, or sideways, or even through a pair of your favourite sunglasses that you know you look good in. What matters to us most is creativity with a spin. Some call it “getting creative about creativity.” For us, it’s just the Jabberwocky thing to do.


Custom made solutions
to enable your brand

A Jabberwocky will throw at you, all sorts, types, and varieties of creative design solutions generated in our idea factory. From brand consultancy and print communication to web design, social media, public relations and launch activations, we do it all! It’s our vision to provide show stopping, head turning solutions that give you goose bumps.



We get down to the basics to understand our brands and their target audience to meaningfully engage them. Understanding the know-how of intelligently approaching a brand perspective is crucial.

It is paramount to objectively find solutions that are suited to beneficially sustain your brand in the long run. We dedicatedly analyse your targets and effectively maintain candour in our methodology for consultancy. With us, you are assured of tailor made concepts that suit your vision.



We know that every brand needs research. Filtered, refined, and delicious, just like your coffee. We define your brand by projecting its best abilities, adding our perspective to the concoction, to get to the bigger picture. Strategy mobilises our ideas and research gives them body.

When we delve in the details of knowing how consumers better associate themselves with a product, we get a clearer understanding of how the brand is seen to its consumers.



What’s in a name? In this vicinity, creativity and The Jabberwockies are synonymous. We are oozing with varied design styles and communication tones to infuse ingenuity into your brand. We playfully experiment with ideas where research and strategy are strong enough to back our concepts up.

We come to a plethora of exotic ideas and solutions and screen out the bad ones so that when in the presentation room, it’s nothing less than an embodiment of our creative vision.



Offline communication is the epitome of piercing the eyes and minds of the right target group. One cannot aimlessly put the best word forward and hope for the primary consumer base to notice. Our assessment of the right media verticals is thoughtfully analysed and implemented, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride on a steady path to your business goals.

For the online folk, we’ve got you covered, but print media is by far a proven success when it comes to advertising. Sure, digital marketing is a completely manipulative and flexible goddess from which to project your brand…however the way we do print, the ink smears to every person who comes across our work. Rest assured, print communication is essential and is a strong testament to your effectiveness as a brand.



If the big guns in the advertising industry are films, television commercials and professional presentations, we have the arsenal that will rock your socks off. Clever direction, witty scripts and crisp execution are ingredients that, more often than not, cook up the meanest 7 course meal you can’t wait to taste. We work hard and elegantly to achieve the highest standards of creative and production quality.

Our Corporate Film Production ensures techniques that work, to impart the right information about your brand alongside keeping the audience hooked to the last moment. We back this up with our spotlessly chic corporate presentations that provide that robust foundation to your business goals.



It’s imperative for your brand to be recalled by the right T.G. The Jabberwockies take your brand right to the people for them to get a taste. Creating the right experience when launching a brand you’ve worked this hard for is our aim. Activations are no joke, but with the right approach, captivation of attention is child’s play.



Here, our job is to design and develop a ‘face’ for your brand on the World Wide Web. We know it has to be good looking, sharp, informative and maybe we’ll give it some high cheekbones too! Ultimately, we can make you look discernibly immaculate when showcasing what you are made of to your viewership. After all, your website is your online identity card.



The holy elixir of marketing is online. It’s a perennial gold mine that is easy to tap, but only with the right tools. We have a multitude of these riggings waiting to be utilised. We take all the knowledge and technical know-how of your brand and infuse our glitter into the whole deal because a little dazzle never hurt anyone! We guarantee a spic and span take on your online capacity so you can reap the benefits.

Search Engine Optimization

Strongly and positively influencing the visibility of your brand’s website, SEO is the highly beneficial process of affecting the popularity and frequency of the website’s appearance in the search result list. This objectively results in more website visits by the search engine users.

Search Engine Marketing

Promoting your websites visibility can be achieved by this smart and efficient avenue of internet marketing. SEM increases the visibility of a website on search engine result pages mostly through the exercise of paid advertising.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an extremely simple and direct method of reaching the exact target audience that you wish to speak to. Sending advertisements to current and potential customers is a very personal way of connecting with them and results in the building of brand loyalty, trust and awareness.



When a social media agency gets into the game with all its vigour and ferocity, there’s no end to what can be achieved. We integrate all campaign content and flaunt it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and several other social media platforms. This package alone can cultivate a curiosity about a brand that can never kill the cat. We meticulously manage and engage your brand’s online presence so you never have to worry about keeping your target audience gripped to what you have to offer.

The Framework

The Nuts & Bolts that make
The Jabberwockies’ world go round

The Mantelpiece

Showcasing the eeniusgeen
in the ibberishgib.

Partners in Crime

Just a little friendly persuasion!

Madhur Bora, Director, Mediman

As a start-up venture, working with the Jabberwockies has been a pain-free and smooth sailing operation. Together we have launched the Mediman App with full gusto, and off to a great start, we look forward to continuing work with them and seeing what more they have to surprise us with. The creativity and lightness they have brought to the inherently serious Medical industry has been extremely refreshing and received very well by our colleagues and senior professionals of the industry.

Prashanth MM, Chief Business Officer, Swee10

Swee10 and The Jabberwockies Advertising Pvt. Ltd. worked together on creating a unique identity for the brand at its pre-launch and launch stage. The team was well adept in understanding our vision for the brand and created a packaging design, website and digital campaign that was especially well suited to what was needed for a natural sweetener product. The Jabberwockies have been a great team to work with, their cooperative work ethic and dedication to achieve an identity that stands out for the brand has led to the most suitable outcome for Swee10.

Srishant Challa, Managing Director, CCL Products Pvt. Ltd.

The Jabberwockies Advertising Pvt. Ltd. has been a key instrument in revamping Continental Instant Coffee. By creating a fresh, and especially current identity -which is seen uniformly across an online and offline launch campaign, a website, and an entirely revamped packaging design - the strategic and creative team have identified an ideal spot for Continental in its marketplace and have developed an appropriate face for the brand to comfortably place itself there. We would happily recommend The Jabberwockies to our own friends and colleagues due to the efficient work culture they bring to the conference room table and their unique offering amongst the vast creative industry.

We have been so pleased with the work they have done for the Continental Coffee brand that we are confidently giving a mandate to create another national brand from the ground up, we look forward to working with the Jabberwockies on this new project.


Sometimes it’s more about
outfitting than fitting in.

We’re always on the lookout for a Jabberwocky that fits like a glove into our whimsical workspace.

If you think you’ve got the charisma and mojo we’re on the prowl for, write to us and we’ll get right back to you.

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